Hot Feng Shui, Vesta, and a house kobold (maybe?)

by Soror H.EF

During the last Spring Gathering of the German IOT Section, a sister designed and engaged us in a ritual entitled Schöner Wohnen/Hot Feng-Shui.
Without going into full detail of the procedure, the intent was basically to evoke Vesta, and transfer a charge of energy of Love for Hearth and Home to some non-flammable Vessel.
This Vessel would be passed through a Hearth Fire Flame for the initial transference, then brought home to transfer this energy – which I had visualised as a small green heart bound to my Baphomet Pentagram amulet – to the Hearth Fire at home.

So, a day or so after the journey from the gathering to my home, I performed a banishing ritual, made the transference, and then meditated on what had been done.
Interestingly, already when performing the banishing, I felt some kind of presence just outside my Magic Sphere, like a short slender figure seen in the Astral, near my Altar but just outside my Sphere.
At the time I thought it reminded me a little of those Little Green Man alien myths, but I wonder now if the Vesta working attracted some Kobold or House Wight, a spirit of the home, or something else entirely…